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Coursework as a Princeton undergraduate. Graduate courses in bold.

Math + Statistics

   MAT215   Single Variable Analysis with an Introduction to Proofs (Sun-Yung Chang, Ruobing Zhang)

MAT217 Honors Linear Algebra (Andrew Yarmola, Kenneth Ascher)

MAT300 Multivariate Analysis I (Sun-Yung Chang)

MAT377 Combinatorial Mathematics (Matija Bucic)

ORF309 Probability and Stochastic Systems (Ramon van Handel)

ORF526   Probability Theory (Mykhaylo Shkolnikov)

ORF550   Topics in Probability: Probability in High Dimension (Ramon van Handel)

SML505   Modern Statistics (Peter Melchior)

Computer Science

COS217 Introduction to Programming Systems (Christopher Moretti)
   COS226   Algorithms and Data Structures - placed out

COS324 Introduction to Machine Learning (Sanjeev Arora, Danqi Chen)

COS333 Advanced Programming Techniques (Robert Dondero)

COS340 Reasoning About Computation (Ran Raz)

COS429 Computer Vision (Olga Russakovsky)

COS445 Economics and Computation (Matt Weinberg, Mark Braverman)

COS484 Natural Language Processing (Karthik Narasimhan)

COS521 Advanced Algorithm Design (Matt Weinberg, Huacheng Yu)

COS526   Neural Rendering (Felix Heide)

COS585   Information Theory and Applications (Ran Raz)

COS597A   Advanced Topics in Computer Science: Algorithmic Mechanism Design for Cryptocurrencies and DeFi (Matt Weinberg, Mark Braverman) - sat in

COS597G   Advanced Topics in Computer Science: Understanding Large Language Models (Danqi Chen)


   POL476   Global Political Thought (Pratap Mehta)
   FRS133   Difficult Art (Zahid Chaudhary)

CWR301   Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry (Michael Dickman)

CWR345   Special Topics in Creative Writing: Writing Political Fiction (A. M. Homes)

WRI131   The Posthuman (Marina Fedosik)

LIN201   Introduction to Language and Linguistics (Christiane Fellbaum)


PHY103   General Physics I (Daniel Marlow, Biao Lian)

PHY104   General Physics II (Peter Meyers, Biao Lian)